Monday, September 22, 2008

Liberal Platform Highlights

The new Liberal platform was released today.

The title is Richer, Fairer, Greener : An Action Plan for the 21st Century.

The economy is listed as the highest priority, with oil dependancy listed as a crucial issue.

Canada uses more fossil fuels per person than any other country in the planet.  This makes our economy more fragile than most.

Through a plan of tax cuts and incentives, the Liberals will strengthen our economy and address pressing environmental concerns.

Canadians living in poverty, especially children, are especially targeted for assistance.  Jobs for all Canadians, and educational opportunities are important steps to achieve this.  Accessibility to health care and affordable drug costs for the elderly are values that Canadians deeply cherish.

Liberals also take special steps to address gender issues, proposing the addition of gender to hate crimes and addressing issues of domestic abuse.   Immigrants are an important part of the Canadian workforce, and skilled trade are needed for a prosperous Canadian future.  Liberals also want to revive the Kelowna Accord, and strengthen relations with First Nations communities.

Perhaps most compelling, the Liberal platform actually costs out their strategy, itemizing each initiative and estimating revenues and expenditures for a four-year period.

The Liberal Party also wants to restore Canada as a voice for peace and justice in the world, as good citizens of the world. (continue reading &aquo;)