Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Q:When invading a country in the name of democracy, what do you do when our diplomats find out about torture? A:Gag them
Tip: When robbing a woman carrying a toddler, try to get the purse instead of the diaper bag.
The Lawbama administration He's hiring some of the best profs in America, for those who complain he's not doing enough
Moin Yahya of UofA Law (and founder of their faculty blog) on leave to join Alberta Utilities Commission. (congrats)
Intl law supposed to apply to everyone, not just Israel Starting with most wealthy, capable of compliance means US first
Who are the real fringe groups in Canada Mr. Harper? #cpc #lpc #elxn41 #ndp #cdnpoli #pmharper

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A PhD and career studying, publishing effects of drugs on brains does not prevent you from ODing on bupe bought online
Former Tory MLA (Sask) Gay Caswell loses $50k libel case against Crown Prosecutor for posts on "Mrs Gay Caswell's Blog"
Do Glenn Beck's "average Americans" promote "falshoods?" I think they're smarter than that.
#CPC candidate that revealed secret about stimulus spending in Tory ridings dropped. Harper's famous muzzle at work.
“Growing epidemic” of Arab-Jewish dating. Solution? Expert patrols to spot those that don’t “match”.
A lesson in empire-building. British quest for Indian spice led to a quest from Cairo-to-Capetown, on another continent.
The end of Pax Americana? Strategy that "exaggerate[s] the power and malevolence of the designated enemies"
Should Obama just say no to McChrystal's Afghanistan proposal? But plan B has its own problems

Monday, September 28, 2009

Divorce lawyers view Facebook as an "evidentiary gold mine." Lesson: Keep your private life private and offline.
There can be no govt w/o an army, No army w/o $, No $ w/o prosperity, And no prosperity w/o justice and good administrationبن-قتيبةIraq9thc
Stephen Harper needs a Canadian history lesson. Colonialism denial reneges earlier apology to 1st Nations. #cpc #cdnpoli
I would prefer to make trade, not war. Why Bretton Woods for Europe, but not the rest of the world? We need to expand our horizons.
Long-Range Missiles: US=>13,000km N Korea=2,900km Iran=2,000km. Number of Nukes used on Civilians: US=2 N Korea=0 Iran=0. No more oil wars.
Blakes opens shop in Bahrain, S Arabia First Canadian law firm in the Gulf region. Future of legal business to come?
"Harper disses Dalai Lama." He really does hate everyone. #elxn41 #cpc #lpc #cdnpoli

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Prostitution and Tax Expenses. Call them feel-good expenses, but these girls will cost you.
Demanding "unfettered access" to Iran's nuclear programs Where did we hear that before? Oh yeah, Iraq. No more oil wars
If your nipple is bleeding profusely due to a tumor, it may still be a pre-existing condition rejected by your HMO #hcr
Harper: "We are one of the most stable regimes in history." We even prorogue govt when the rest of Canada wants me out.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

More males doing housework would 1st appear to be indicate progress on the status of women. But...
You won't believe who they're letting on Facebook these days. No, you won't guess this one...
Chris Bentley and Omar Alghabra speak out on Human Rights at UTM. Speaks on Dresden case:
Iggy in a grizzly situation with Harper bearing a furry suit. PETA claims preliminary victory, may prorogue in interim.
Gordon Landon #CPC candidate admits his own part is using stimulus money for political purposes [UTube] #elxn41 #cdnpoli
Tip: If you run out of gas, and you're short on money, selling your kid is _still_ not the best option.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tip: If you're a lawyer who just lost your trial, don't fabricate evidence of jury tampering to get back at the court
What’s the Economy doing to the Model of the Business of Law? >> Slaw
New trial ordered in Russo v. Takata Corporation for juror Googling D before even chosen for panel.
Justice Goldstone's talk at UWO Law is now on YouTube: See legal issues here:
The fate of future generations, and the hopes and livelihoods of billions today, rest, literally, with you -Ban Ki-moon
Think twice about applying to law school (And maybe have a backup plan or two).
Moving my status updates to a FB fan page. Might have to go there (or Twitter) to get them in the future.
Breaking News: Toronto is looking for a new mayor. Vote for Smitherman 2010.
Sorry, no Apocalypse yet. Probably no rapture, 2nd coming, New Jerusalem, or end of the world soon either.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Treating Canadian minorities as 2nd class citizens has its price. And that price might be in the ballpark of $27m.
Treating Canadian minorities as 2nd class citizens has its price. And that price might be in the ballpark of $27m.
Treating Canadian minorities as 2nd class citizens has its price. And that price might be in the ballpark of $27m.
"mental framework to believe that Obama is foreign probably was, to use a health care term, a preexisting condition"