Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yes, that is me on CBC news. Keep an eye out for me several dozen more times before the election.
How can you believe Steve?
Harper caught plagarizing speech.
Everyone in Canada call 1-866-580-3625 (DNCL) today.

Declaration of war against telemarketers that call me at dinner time.
RT @rhh Those voting for bailout rec 54% more money from banks and securities firms than those who voted against: http://tinyurl.com/4bostp
Man arrested after dialing 911 50x/month to get a lift to the drug store.


Lesson: medics do NOT do refills.l
Statement of Claim: Pregnant woman need not apply.

But Mommy, you forgot to pack my cocaine for lunch today.

Umh, Doctor.... there's a bear in the ER.


Monday, September 29, 2008

$700 Billion? Big deal.
Try $10 Billion a month in Iraq.
Oh btw, the surge didn't work.
Peace in the Middle East?


Now THAT would be a happy New Year.
Hot Seats; illegal hard wood you can sit on.
לשנה טובה
عيد مبارك‎

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Centre for Public Theology Advisory Council

Omar Ha-Redeye has accepted an invitation to serve on the Advisory Council for the Centre for Public Theology (CPT).

The mission of the CPT, which is housed at Huron College at the University of Western Ontario, is listed on their new site:
Our goal is not advocacy so much as intelligence – in a better informed academy, in a more discerning church and other religious institutions, and finally, in a public that is better educated in the religious and ethical dimensions of societal issues, in full view of a world in which religious conviction is of massive and increasing public importance.

The Centre's intention is thus to promote critical theological research and publication on issues of concern facing our society in an increasingly globalized world. A cycle of topics relating to politics and justice, human life, and the environment will be examined. Over the next three years, these topics will come to focus in the following: Canada's role in Afghanistan; HIV infection and AIDS; and finally, the threat of climate change and the question of energy policy.

The CPT is connected to the Global Network for Public Theology (GNPT), which is chaired by Prof. Nico Koopman of South Africa.  The administrative centre for the GNPT is the Centre for Theological Inquiry at the Princeton Theological Seminary.

The purpose of the CPT can be further explained,

The CPT was established through a SSHRC major grant to promote research, reflection and disseminate constructive theological interaction concerning Canadian public life between the academy and other non-traditional University stakeholders include NGOs, Faith-Based Groups (FBOs), Politicians, Media and interested persons in the general public. The Centre, however, is NOT an advocacy group for a religious or theological tradition but a nexus from which Canadian based and international theologians, social scientists and other scholars, together with religious leaders, policy makers, NGO/FBOs, media and the public can engage in constructive dialogue on theological, moral and cultural issues that frame current and historic Canadian context in the area of public life, policy and service.
(continue reading &aquo;)
Blog Post: Centre for Public Theology Advisory Council http://s3nt.com/td7
Blog Post: Centre for Public Theology Advisory Council http://s3nt.com/td7
Racist Freedom Party makes considerable gains in Austria.

Only thing more entertaining than seeing Obama-McCain debate is seeing McCain and McCain debate

I'm looking forward to the all-candidates meeting on human rights tomorrow.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Nayzm.com stats interesting; I'm top 0.1% for reputation.
I guess my recommendations now hold serious weight.

Dion in London at the Marconi Club

Liberal Party leader, Stéphane Dion, was in London again last night.

He spoke to a packed room of over 250 people at the Marconi Club, and was joined by Gerard Kennedy, Jacquie Gauthier, Martha Dennis, Sue Barnes, Glen Pearson and Suzanne Van Bommel.

Deb Prothero provided excellent coverage of the event.

A couple short audio clips from the event are available on Law is Cool. (continue reading &aquo;)
Blog Post: Dion in London at the Marconi Club http://s3nt.com/s79
Blog Post: Dion in London at the Marconi Club http://s3nt.com/s79

Friday, September 26, 2008

Finalist in Lerners LLP Cup

On Sept. 24, 2008, Omar Ha-Redeye participated in the Lerners LLP Cup.  The competition mimics an appellate court, where the issues of law are under dispute, rather than the facts of the case.

The competition discussed a theoretical review of the Supreme Court Case R. v. A.M. 2008 SCC 19, over the constitutionality of sniffer dogs in schools.  Omar had coincidentally met with Justice Binnie, who ruled with the majority in this case, and briefly spoke to him about the decision the previous week.

The University of Western Ontario describes the competition,
The Faculty runs an internal appellate advocacy competition called the Lerners LLP Cup. This voluntary competition gives upper-year students the opportunity to argue a hypothetical case before an appellate court. Judges, practicing lawyers and third-year students generously volunteer their time to act as judges for the competition. The top students advance to the final rounds to compete for the Lerners LLP Cup. Doing well in this competition is the gateway to qualifying to represent Western Law in one of several external advocacy competitions.

Omar was selected as one of 8 finalists from well over 50 competitors from all upper year students at the school.

He will proceed to the final competitions next week,  which is actually judged by members of the bench from the Court of Appeal.

He will also be eligible to represent UWO at the external moots during the January Term, 2009, which includes the Jessup (sponsored by McCarthy Tétrault LLP), the Laskin, Wilson, and Niagara (sponsored by Lerners LLP), and the Gale and Canadian Corporate/Securities Law competitions. (continue reading &aquo;)
Blog Post: Finalist in Lerners LLP Cup http://s3nt.com/s5i

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nurses are the true heroes of health care.


Wonder if the "Med Mal card" works as well as the "Dr. card."
Off to work again.
Harper's thinks "policies of hate are all right.

You cannot build economic policies on massacres."
Harper is skipping the UN summit.


Money doesn't grow on these trees.

Gitmo prosecutor steps down over suppressed evidence.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why You Should Apply to Law School

On three separate days, Omar Ha-Redeye met with undergraduate students at the University of Western Ontario to talk to them about why they should apply to law school.

On Monday, Sept. 22, 2008 he spoke to the Black Law Students Association.

On Tuesday, he met with the African Students Association.

On Wednesday, he met with the Caribbean Students Organization.

Omar is the President of the Black Law Students Association at the University of Western Ontario.

The group is a chapter of a larger organization, the Black Law Students Association of Canada (BLSAC), which raises awareness around issues of advocacy relating to minority populations in Canada.

A special thanks to Craig Cameron, Ugbad Farah, and Carly McLarty for making this possible.

Full text of the speech is as follows:

Why ALL of you should apply to law school

My goal today is to convince all of you here today that you should continue your education beyond your undergraduate degree, and that the legal profession is what you should pursue.

What I love best about the law is the ability to challenge and break down stereotypes. For example, Canadians generally overestimate the number of minorities that have committed a crime, which is usually lower than the general population.

However, the 1995 Report of the Commission on Systemic Racism in the Ontario Criminal Justice System stated, it is no secret that "black accused, for example, are more often held without bail".

The need for advocates to fight this subtle yet pervasive form of discrimination is pressing indeed.

Maybe Criminal law isn't your thing.

A recent survey indicated that the average salary in Canada was just over $36,000.

The jobs that required a high school education a generation ago now require a bachelor's degree. The opportunities simply are just not there for recent university graduates without professional and advanced degrees.

Lawyers and legal professionals ranked the highest out of all careers in Canada, with an average of $123,000 for lawyers and $178,053 for judges. Only specialist physicians made slightly more.

But medical schools in Canada are swarmed with applications. There are only 2,400 positions a year across Canada, but there has been a 20% increase in applications recently. Only 0.5% of applicants to McMaster University and 6% at UWO are accepted.

If you have a science background and thought that your only alternative to med school was graduate research, you're wrong. One of the booming areas of law is intellectual property, and lawyers in this field almost always have a science or engineering background before law school.

That doesn't mean getting into law school is easy though. You do need a strong undergraduate GPA, and have to worry about this pesky test called the LSAT.

But it's worth it, unless you are completely content with the status of minority people in Canada.  A legal career allows you to pursue professional goals while maintaining an advocacy role within society.

And because the law affects nearly everything we do, there are areas of law that are of interest to everyone.

Fred Rodell, a former professor at Yale, wrote back in 1939, in a book entitled "Woe unto you lawyers,"

It is the lawyers who run our civilization for us - our governments, our business, our private lives. Most legislators are lawyers; they make our laws. Most presidents, governors, commissioners, along with their advisers and brain-trusters are lawyers; they administer our laws. All the judges are lawyers; they interpret and enforce our laws. There is no separation of powers where the lawyers are concerned. There is only a concentration of all government power - in the lawyers. As the schoolboy put it, ours is "a government of lawyers, not of men."

It is not the businessmen, no matter how big, who run our economic world. Again it is the lawyers, the lawyers who "advise" and direct every time a company is formed, every time a bond or a share of stock is issued, almost every time material is to be bought or goods to be sold, every time a deal is made. The whole elaborate structure of industry and finance is a lawyer-made house. We all live in it, but the lawyers run it.

And in our private lives, we cannot buy a home or rent an apartment, we cannot get married or try to get divorced, we cannot die and leave our property to our children without calling on the lawyers to guide us. To guide us, incidentally, through a maze of confusing gestures and formalities that lawyers have created.

A legal career is not only the smart move in tomorrow's volatile markets, it's the right one.

The deadline for law school applications in Ontario is Nov. 3, just over a month from now. You still have time to prepare your application and get it in.

And if you need any help reviewing or planning your application, please feel free to contact me.

(continue reading &aquo;)
Blog Post: Why You Should Apply to Law School http://s3nt.com/sv4
Blog Post: Why You Should Apply to Law School http://s3nt.com/sv4
ANYONE but Harper.


Yes, Canadians are that afraid.
Your coffee could be contaminated.
When will it end?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Google phone (yes, that's right) measures how long it takes to hit the ground when you throw it in the air.

Do you think it's time for this guy to Lego of his 2 million block obsession?

Don't bail out the kids?

That's tough love.
Sarcasm is lost on some.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Diabetic man beat into a coma by police in a Detroit suburb.

Serves him right for faking a DUI.


Liberal Platform Highlights

The new Liberal platform was released today.

The title is Richer, Fairer, Greener : An Action Plan for the 21st Century.

The economy is listed as the highest priority, with oil dependancy listed as a crucial issue.

Canada uses more fossil fuels per person than any other country in the planet.  This makes our economy more fragile than most.

Through a plan of tax cuts and incentives, the Liberals will strengthen our economy and address pressing environmental concerns.

Canadians living in poverty, especially children, are especially targeted for assistance.  Jobs for all Canadians, and educational opportunities are important steps to achieve this.  Accessibility to health care and affordable drug costs for the elderly are values that Canadians deeply cherish.

Liberals also take special steps to address gender issues, proposing the addition of gender to hate crimes and addressing issues of domestic abuse.   Immigrants are an important part of the Canadian workforce, and skilled trade are needed for a prosperous Canadian future.  Liberals also want to revive the Kelowna Accord, and strengthen relations with First Nations communities.

Perhaps most compelling, the Liberal platform actually costs out their strategy, itemizing each initiative and estimating revenues and expenditures for a four-year period.

The Liberal Party also wants to restore Canada as a voice for peace and justice in the world, as good citizens of the world. (continue reading &aquo;)
Blog Post: Liberal Platform Highlights http://s3nt.com/sid
Blog Post: Liberal Platform Highlights http://s3nt.com/sid
More than 1/3 Liberal candidates are women, more than any other party.
Liberal platform released today: Richer, Greener, Fairer Canada.
NDP-Liberal coallition possible to oust Harper's Conservatives.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Robber leaves when told no sale, no money. Forgets his driver's license behind.
The Conservative campaign is itself harmful to the environment
(Liberal news release)
New legal research guide for Hong Kong - an important common law market in the future.
Should "only a reasonably well-educated person should be given command of [the world's biggest] nuclear arsenal?"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

German racists plan protest, gather 30. Counter protestors arrive with 5k.

Last test for today (promise)

I'm playing with custom triggers to see what happens.

Still Testing

Seems like I'm always playing with settings and technology.
Let's see what this does: http://omarha-redeye.com
Billable Hours while Breaking a Sweat

Blog Post: Top Ten National Security Myths http://s3nt.com/r59
Blog Post: Top Ten National Security Myths http://s3nt.com/r59
Blog Post: On Liberal "Leadership" http://s3nt.com/r57
Blog Post: On Liberal "Leadership" http://s3nt.com/r57
Blog Post: Republican Presidents Should Have Mandatory Geography Lessons http://s3nt.com/r55
Blog Post: Republican Presidents Should Have Mandatory Geography Lessons http://s3nt.com/r55
More on the new Twitter, via Social Media Mafia.
| I'm thinking that the quest for social media is kind of like the Holy Grail.
And not the Da Vinci Code, more like the unattainable type.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Gas prices going up 4.8 cents tonight.
Blog Post: Interview with 106.9FM http://s3nt.com/r2i
Blog Post: Interview with 106.9FM http://s3nt.com/r2i
Blog Post: Tagged by Devin Johnston http://s3nt.com/r2c
Blog Post: Tagged by Devin Johnston http://s3nt.com/r2c
Ask your medical resident how many hours of sleep s/he had last night before letting them cut you open.

| I'm listening to Hon. Justice Binnie and Hon. John Major on The Role of the Supreme Court in Canadian Government
Gas prices down today.

Fill them up folks.

Cabinet shuffle.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Firm law blogs should be curtailed with disclaimers to avoid liability.

Are law school elections like "...being the Barbie and Ken of the class..."?


Rebecca Cohn@ UC Davis Law.
Are law school elections like "...being the Barbie and Ken of the class..."?

Rebecca Cohn at UC Davis School of Law (King Hall).
Harper responsible for Ritz's incompetence.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fed rescues AIG with $85B loan. Unprecedented move.


Sign of how bad things are?
Pallin assistant harrases bloggers:

Story is out: "Dion promises more funding for students."
Gilbert & Sullivan's Utopia, Limited, or The Flowers of Progress (official title) is really about corporate law .
Gilbert & Sullivan's "King Paramour" is really about corporate law. Just heard the sample in class.
My prof is playing opera music in Corporate law.
Just heard Dion speak at the University of Western Ontario

More money for research, students.
Fake lawyer won't defend himself.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dion on Drugs: $900 million for catastrophic coverage.


Wow, what a platform.
Blog Post: This is Harpernomics http://s3nt.com/rjt
Blog Post: This is Harpernomics http://s3nt.com/rjt

I deny the allegations outright.
Due to the partisan nature of my election coverage, I've been accused of receiving compensation from one of the political parties. (con't)

Monday, September 15, 2008

"Mr. Harper's chummy charm will end the minute positive media relations are no longer necessary"

New Nanos poll puts Liberals at just 6 points ahead.


Yeah, that's really close.
A plea to those who live in the 905.


Please, not him, not now, not ever again.
Anonymous comments on paper's website protected according to Montana court.

Due to weather conditions, limited parking, and conflict with classes, I will not be "Excelling at Articles" this morning.
Legal right to paid training?


Sunday, September 14, 2008

For a campaign supposed to be about leadership, this one is heading the wrong way.
Harper slips the most.
Blog Post: On Health Care Reform http://s3nt.com/q64
Blog Post: On Health Care Reform http://s3nt.com/q64
All-white jury for new OJ trial, but no evidence of systematic race exclusion.

Communist-era Polist leaders on trial for declaring martial law.

New Canadians should know this about Harper.

Follow the tweets of Greg Fergus, Nat Director of Liberal Party here: http://ping.fm/OPx0m

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The race for second place?

Blog Post: Progressive Bloggers BBQ and CBC TV http://s3nt.com/qy7
Blog Post: Progressive Bloggers BBQ and CBC TV http://s3nt.com/qy7
Beyond the Puffin Poop.

What is the Harper agenda?
Ike lays the smack down.

Omar Liberals, Hold Your Heads Up.


You're the ones that make this country great
Liberals, Hold Your Heads Up.


Your the ones that make this country great.
Dion not a woodsman?


They must have given up on "not a leader" for now.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Elections Canada investingating vote swap scheme.


I knew this would happen.
Canada - a political basket case.

How the world's nicest country turned mean.

Palin on the Bush doctrine.
Blog Post: Lawyers Should be Tech-Savvy http://s3nt.com/qoo
Blog Post: Lawyers Should be Tech-Savvy http://s3nt.com/qoo
Vote swapping via Facebook:


Truly fascinating.
Tories remove incendiary remarks from website: http://tinyurl.com/0
Will they finally play clean?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Harper won't guarantee Ont. jobs."
Follow the campaign trails on a nifty Google Maps:
Ryan Sparrow suspended.
"Ike, don't hurt us. We love you!"

But then, what's love got to do with it?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Alaskans on Pallin:

A must read.
May: This is single most important election in Canadian history. Wake up Canadians!
May won't endorse, but her choice for PM is Dion. Let the Green-Red alliance thrive and prosper.
I'm surprised that I'm already indexed at Lexis Web. Blawging has benefits.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bird poop in bad taste:
Blog Post: This Magazine on the Green Party http://s3nt.com/prj
Blog Post: This Magazine on the Green Party http://s3nt.com/prj
I wanna hear May speak too; note she's endorsing Libs: http://ping.fm/3kkoU

Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm doing adverse events in health law. Love studying this stuff. http://ping.fm/4l97s

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blog Post: Interview with Caitlin Rose of Fasken Martineau http://s3nt.com/o6k
Blog Post: Interview with Caitlin Rose of Fasken Martineau http://s3nt.com/o6k
Sierra Club of Canada gives Liberal's environmental plan a "B+" (Tories get an "F") http://ping.fm/swAT0
Ignore the recent flurry of updates; I'm doing some housekeeping.
Blog Post: The Importance of Multiculturalism http://s3nt.com/o52
Blog Post: The Importance of Multiculturalism http://s3nt.com/o52
Layton Leads - in Facebook friends, that is.
Blog Post: Election Time (Again) http://s3nt.com/o3p
Blog Post: Election Time (Again) http://s3nt.com/o3p
Writ has dropped. Harper ignores his own law.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Harper's _real_ position on immigration, and why Ont. and most of Canada doesn't trust him: http://ping.fm/8Ookj
America's Most Dangerous Librarians http://ping.fm/aMCbV
Should Gov-Gen. Just Say No?
Black thinks this is the most important US election since Reagan.
New Ipsos Reid Poll: "No" to Tory majority.

Libs still popular in Ont. (thank goodness).
Governor General should say "No" to Harper; election violation of the law.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Stephen Harper, Canada's PM, on Twitter! http://ping.fm/MQHbX
It's official; Thomas Cromwell for SCC.
Applications under control with new Facebook: http://ping.fm/mBDiM
I'm wondering what kind of focus group Facebook held to create this "new" Facebook.

Nobody likes it, but at least Apps are under control.
I'm listening to an Osler podcast on shareholder activism. http://ping.fm/PsONB

Thursday, September 4, 2008

... is vicariously liable @ work.
I'm still looking for evidence of the killer of OJ's wife too.
I agree that unfounded racist assumptions in racial profiling are difficult to prove.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Corporate law is like the man from Verdun (http://ping.fm/QaZdk). Without context, it means nothing.
I pulled an all-nighter on my first day back to school. Law school is ridiculous.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm rendering text on my NALP forms to facilitate the copy + paste. Being a geek in law does pay compound dividends, with interest.
Blog Post: Back to School Today http://s3nt.com/nj1

Back to School Today

Law school starts again today.

A few differences from first year - all courses are now only a semester, and courses are selected based on interest. Many courses also have an essay option, instead of a strict 100% exam marking scheme.

Course selections for this semester are:

  • Corporate Law

  • Healthcare Law and Policy

  • Evidence

  • Administrative Law

(continue reading &aquo;)
Blog Post: Back to School Today http://s3nt.com/nj1