Friday, September 26, 2008

Finalist in Lerners LLP Cup

On Sept. 24, 2008, Omar Ha-Redeye participated in the Lerners LLP Cup.  The competition mimics an appellate court, where the issues of law are under dispute, rather than the facts of the case.

The competition discussed a theoretical review of the Supreme Court Case R. v. A.M. 2008 SCC 19, over the constitutionality of sniffer dogs in schools.  Omar had coincidentally met with Justice Binnie, who ruled with the majority in this case, and briefly spoke to him about the decision the previous week.

The University of Western Ontario describes the competition,
The Faculty runs an internal appellate advocacy competition called the Lerners LLP Cup. This voluntary competition gives upper-year students the opportunity to argue a hypothetical case before an appellate court. Judges, practicing lawyers and third-year students generously volunteer their time to act as judges for the competition. The top students advance to the final rounds to compete for the Lerners LLP Cup. Doing well in this competition is the gateway to qualifying to represent Western Law in one of several external advocacy competitions.

Omar was selected as one of 8 finalists from well over 50 competitors from all upper year students at the school.

He will proceed to the final competitions next week,  which is actually judged by members of the bench from the Court of Appeal.

He will also be eligible to represent UWO at the external moots during the January Term, 2009, which includes the Jessup (sponsored by McCarthy Tétrault LLP), the Laskin, Wilson, and Niagara (sponsored by Lerners LLP), and the Gale and Canadian Corporate/Securities Law competitions. (continue reading &aquo;)